Are Suits Versatile?

Are Suits Versatile?

13th Mar 2022

If you own one suit, which you dust off and bring into the light each time you're invited to a wedding, you're certainly not alone! However, there's no reason that such a staple piece of your wardrobe, tailored to fit for maximum comfort, should only be worn for special occasions. With the right styling, you'll be able to enjoy more wear from your suits.

Choosing the right suit

Firstly, choosing the right suit is a must! This all comes down to the fit, as a correctly tailored suit will make the world of difference in both styling, and confidence. The team at Johnny Bigg recommends focusing on the fit across the shoulders and chest. These key areas aren’t as easy to tailor as the waist, and it will help to frame your figure.

When it comes to color, we recommend a navy suit! Navy is timeless, and you’ll find it easier to both keep it simple and elegant, and bring a little more creative flair to your styling. Our Raymond suit is great for versatility, appropriate for every occasion from weddings to the office, to a smart casual dinner with friends.


Nothing says formal than a three-piece suit. Our Hayes Suit comes in a Suit JacketWaistcoat and Pants, coming together for a classic look.

Semi Formal

Remove the waistcoat and have a little more fun with your look! For a semi-formal occasion, you can switch to a more adventurous tie, or a bold floral shirt for that party vibe. Or, pair your tan shoes with a matching belt for a more subtle statement.

Smart Casual

A great rule of thumb to follow when dressing smart casual is the 2-1 rule. From your standard formal look, swap out two key pieces, but keep one. You could try:

Not to mention, if you’ve got a busy social calendar taking form, one suit already has you covered for several outfits.

Don’t let your suit gather dust for half the year, waiting for an event. Invest in a well-fitting, comfortable outfit, and enjoy dressing it up and down, regardless of the dress code!