​Your Guide to Festival Fashion

​Your Guide to Festival Fashion

11th Apr 2022

If it seems like music festivals have become a staple for summertime, you’re amongst good company. With the big names like Coachella drawing increasing attention each year, showcasing a musical act for everyone, you’re more than likely gearing up for a festival this year. Soon, you’ll have your outfit sorted too.

So, what are some important considerations when preparing for the big event?


You’re going to be spending quite some time on your feet, so it’s important to wear sturdy, comfortable footwear. Our shoe cushioning technology, which you’ll find in the likes of our Fender Suede Sneaker or the Morgan Leather Chelsea Boot, helps to absorb impact when you’re moving (so you can get your groove on) and wicks away moisture from your feet. No need to worry about having to sit out half the day to rest your feet or midday sock changes!

When it comes to your clothes, comfortability is also key. You’re looking for moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, and a relaxed fit. Linen is great for breathability, and is super durable for all day wear. Our linen blend, which you’ll find in our bestselling Anders Linen Shirt, has a soft skin feel and comes in a wide array of colors to suit your tastes. On the other hand, viscose has similar properties to cotton, but feels silky soft, flows easily with your movement, and is great for bright colors and bold patterns. Just check out the Bradley Stripe Shirt or Zayne Leaf Print Shirt. Or keep it simple with a cotton tee, we recommend the Vertical Stripe Tee for a pop of color!

Let’s not forget your bottoms! Seeing as it’ll likely be on the warmer side, shorts are a good option. A relaxed fit, meaning the fabric isn’t tight against your legs, will give you space for movement and avoid overheating. A cargo short not only keeps you comfortable, but also provides plenty of pocket space for your festival essentials, like sunscreen, a small water bottle, and snacks.


It’s no secret that festivals have become the place to show off loud, eccentric, and trendy looks. And just because you’re dressing for comfort, doesn’t mean you can’t also put together a standout outfit! Not to mention, it’ll make it easier for your friends to find you in a crowd. This year we’re loving animal prints and bold florals, so just take a look at the Reed Floral Print Shirt, Tyson Linen Zebra Print Shirt and Leopard Print Shirt for inspiration. We love a coordinated set for festivals, so if leopard print is your vibe, this matching walk short has you covered.

Or maybe you only want to make a subtle statement? Our Stripe Walk Short pairs nicely with a plain tee or shirt and your favorite sneakers. Why not add a bucket hat, which are all the rage right now?

Now all you need are your mates, and you’re ready to live it up this festival season!