Level Up Your Layers

Level Up Your Layers

17th Oct 2022

Wherever you are, Fall has a tendency of being unpredictable. There’s nothing like leaving the house on a warm sunny morning, only to be facing sharp winds throughout the afternoon… And of course, you left your coat at home!

The simple solution is layering, with outfits able to be changed on the go to match the weather and setting. We have a couple tips and products that will make layering a piece of cake this fall.

Get your basics in check

It’s all about the base layer, with versatile and neutral clothing making it easy to look great, no matter what you put on top. For warmer climates, a short sleeve tee is perfect, but for those chillier regions we suggest starting with a long sleeve top. Go with a classic white print tee, or create the illusion of layers without the added warmth with a Textured 2For Long Sleeve Top . These are available in sizes L to 6XL.

For pants, we suggest a dark pair of jeans, or chinos. Especially if you’ll be changing settings from something super casual, to a little more formal, chinos are a great choice. Black and navy are good colour choices, or you can go for a seasonal tone like sand or mustard, or our natural Jim Slim Chino.

Button downs for days

Put on a long sleeve button down shirt for a light and easy way to keep the wind and cold at bay. There’s a great selection to choose from, from check shirts, denim shirts, linen shirts and more. This season’s overshirts also provide chest pockets with buttons for all your smaller essentials, as well as a little more warmth. If you’re on the taller side, definitely check out the Anders Linen Shirt, a JB favourite, available in both L to 7XL in regular length, and LT to 3XLT in tall. With longer sleeves and a longer torso, you won’t have to worry about adjusting it throughout the day.

Plus, if you need to smarten up your look in a hurry, just button up your shirt, and tuck it in if you’d like too.

Shackets, jackets and vests

Autumn calls for versatile and adaptable outerwear, and we have some great lighter outer layers to keep you toasty morning to evening.

A new style you may have seen popping up this season is the shacket, a hybrid between a shirt and a jacket. For days that feel too chilly for just a shirt, but too hot for your winter jacket, a shacket provides the perfect amount of warmth. Team JB loves the Brampton Cotton Shacket, in a desert toned camel colour, as it goes great with a checked shirt or tee underneath, and any pair of pants.

A vest is also a great layer for those in-between weather days. Still giving you plenty of movement, but cosy pockets for your hands and a high neck, the Henshaw Puffer Vest keeps your torso toasty. Zipped up, or left open, it looks just at home at the café for your morning coffee, as at the pub, or on your camping weekend.

Finally, there’s nothing like a classic jacket. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to shop for only a few items a year that will get you through anything life throws at you, then a denim jacket or utility jacket will be your best friend. The Colorado Denim Jacket has a removable fleece hood, which you can easily fold up into your backpack just in case, or leave at home until winter strikes, and warm collar for when you want to button it up. This classic choice is available in sizes L to 7XL and LT to 3XLT in tall. Otherwise, keep reading our blog on stylish utility jackets for our top jacket picks this season.