Polos 101

Polos 101

27th Apr 2022

From athletic beginnings, to becoming both work uniform and boat club staples, Polos have tapped into every aspect of the fashion industry. Chances are, you have at least one hanging in your wardrobe. The Spring and Summer seasons are perfect for sporting your polo, from super casual Sundays at home to nights out on the town, and in the office to Friday afternoon socials. So, are you making the most of your polo shirts?


Find your fit

Polos are designed to aid easy movement, remaining breathable whilst you go about your day’s activities, so it's important to keep a relaxed fit. Use our size guide for shirts and tees to get the perfect measurements, especially taking note around the neck, as these are collared shirts so we may be buttoning our shirts all the way! You can also look for ‘regular fit’ in the product description.

When it comes to length, we want our shirt to fall to around midway down your back pocket, or the fly of your pants. This allows you to leave it untucked without it looking uncool, or tuck it in without the hem slipping up and leaving your midsection on display. For short sleeves, halfway down your bicep is perfect, with enough wiggle room around the cuff for a few fingers.



Super Casual

Whether you’re watching the footy from the comfort of your couch, or going for a casual walk in the sunshine, there’s always an opportunity to look good with little effort. Styling a polo shirt that has a simple pattern, like our three toned Dangerfield Polo in khaki, is a simple route that only requires a plain jean or pair of shorts to compliment. Try our Mylo Jogger Jean for the chillier days, and the Leighton Walk Short when the sun is out. Only do up one button for a relaxed fit, and lace up a pair of comfortable sneakers when you head outside.

You can also try a long sleeve polo like our Hove Rugby Polo to keep your arms warm without requiring an extra layer.


Smart Casual

Are polo shirts smart casual attire? Why of course! Do up your lower buttons, or right to the top, to add some formality to your look. This is the place for having some fun with your prints and patterns. For a great party look, pair the Flamingo Print Polo with Benny Stretch Pocket Pants or Marshall Elastic Chino Shorts, depending on the weather. The great thing about these shirts is they lend themselves both to a comfortable sneaker, or a dressier shoe.

If flamingos aren’t your thing, perhaps the combination of a striped polo, black pants and a leather boat shoe will be more your style. If you get cold, layer up with a blazer, denim jacket, or bomber jacket.


Work Attire

Stylish, breathable, and ready to walk straight onto the golf course, why wouldn’t you want to wear a polo to work? Plain black or a subtle pattern are best for the office, such as our Bedford Print Polo. Tuck in the shirt into your Willis Check Elastic Waist Pant, or a suit pant if you prefer, and match your dress shoes with your belt. You can wear a blazer or suit jacket over this look, but try to keep the colors matching. A black jacket with navy pants is not a great look!



Polos with suits are trending, and we love the comfortability that it affords! You’ll want to button it all the way, like you would a dress shirt, and even pair with a tie if the occasion calls for one. Like our work outfit, tucking your polo in is a must, with a leather belt and polished dress shoe. Sticking to dark and neutral colors like black, grey and navy is the safest option, so why not pair your navy Raymond Suit with the Marlow Jacquard Polo? Or for a bold look, our Harrow Stripe Pique Polo with the Raymond in black.

Wherever you wear your Polo, you’ll look and feel great with these tips. Show us your outfits by tagging @JohnnyBiggUSA in your Instagram stories, we love to see how you style your JB favorites.