Why is Linen a Good Fabric for Menswear?

Why is Linen a Good Fabric for Menswear?

7th Apr 2022

Whilst many of us will focus on style and look when it comes to shopping for new clothes, fabric choice is just as, if not more, important to your confidence. Because if you’re going to be confident, you also need to be comfortable. Enter linen.

Linen is made from flax plant fibers, which gives the material a durable, absorbent, and breathable quality. We’ve specifically blended ours with cotton, for a softer feel which doesn’t crush and wrinkle as easily. Don’t assume durability equals heaviness though, as this fabric is nice and light, perfect for layering. Plus, there are plenty of options for including linen in your wardrobe.

Linen Shirts

There’s nothing more comfortable on a warm Spring or Summer day than a linen shirt! With the option of either long or short sleeves, and a collar, they’re perfect for when the dress code requires something more than a t-shirt. You can even pair them under a blazer or suit jacket for a smart casual or formal look.

Why not try the Anders Linen Shirt in khaki with the Hunter Superflex Slim Denim and white Belair Retro Sneaker for a casual Spring look. Or, when the weather warms, pair the Tyson Linen Zebra Print Shirt with the Stuart Chord Walk Short for a beach or party-ready look.

Linen Pants

You’ll feel cool, calm, and collected when wearing our linen pants and shorts, either simply relaxing at home or by the pool, or out enjoying sunshine and the company of friends. The soft fabric and relaxed fit make it easy to move around and stay active.

Our Byron Linen Blend Shorts come in a range of neutral colors, perfect for styling with a linen shirt or your favorite t-shirt. Alternatively, the Maddox Stripe Linen Pant in denim looks great with a navy boat shoe and the white Fresno Linen Shirt for a slight nautical vibe.

Linen Suits

The holy grail of a warm-weather weddings, the right linen suit is an essential this season. With the same exceptional tailoring as the entire Johnny Bigg suiting range, and a contrast print lining, you’ll feel relaxed in our new linen suit jackets and vests all day long without sacrificing style.

If you’re wondering what to wear with a linen suit, you have plenty of options! The new Hayden Linen Blend Suit in sand goes remarkably well with a white shirt, beige braces, and a blue bowtie for your wedding look. For the office the Bentley Jacquard Shirt in blue is very complimentary, but for parties you can opt for a bolder look with the Bradley Stripe Shirt or Reed Floral Print Shirt. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a full linen fit with one of our Anders Linen Shirts!

Still looking for linen suit ideas? The Johnny Bigg USA Instagram is a great place to find styling tips from both the team, and our ambassadors.