Winter Workwear Sorted

Winter Workwear Sorted

8th Jan 2023

Going back to work after a break is always seems a challenge but showing up in an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident can be just the thing you need to take the edge off. Enjoy getting back into the swing of things - grabbing a coffee with work friends, Friday drinks, starting new projects, and getting back to your day to day with a fresh approach, all with the help of your favorite workwear wardrobe essentials.

Formal Attire

We’re back to the office in peak form with head-to-toe suiting! If you’re ready to make 2023 the year you dress to impress in your workplace, from delivering presentations to networking events, or simply have a formal dress code in your company, then we have great choices that are comfortable for all day wear. And, just as importantly, stylish enough that you’ll enjoy wearing them day in and day out.

The Saylor Check Suit is a versatile and classic choice that’s easy to style with minimal effort for a sophisticated look. Wear with a crisp white shirt and blue tie to show you mean business or embrace patterns this new year with a bold check or muted floral long sleeve shirt. We recommend styling this navy  suit with brown leather accessories, that means your belt and dress shoes!

Alternatively, wear your usual black, navy or charcoal dress pants with one of our sports coats or blazers. The Andretti Check Stretch Blazer (in sizes 42 to 56, and 42L to 50L in tall) brings some interest to an otherwise plain look or step out of your color comfort zone with our teal Wesley Blazer or pink Bruno Blazer. All you need is a white  dress shirt, and you’re good to go! Our blazers and  suit jackets come with an in-built pocket puff which you can pull out when the situation calls for a little for fun or formality.

Casual Fridays

If you find yourself thinking TGIF every Friday morning when you’re looking at your wardrobe, we get it! Whether you’re sitting in an office chair all day, or constantly on your feet, wearing clothes that make you feel more comfortable really helps you focus on your work, so clock off will come round sooner and you can get to the pub.

The easiest way to dress casually whilst still feeling smart for the office is pairing one half of your suit with a relaxed pant or shirt. For example, switch out your suit pants for jeans, but keep the button up shirt and blazer. Alternatively, wear a smart tee with your suit pants. If it’s too cold to go without an outer layer, add a knitted jumper to the look in a complimentary color.

We also love chinos with nice, polished boots and an untucked long sleeve shirt for office Fridays. Our Anders Linen Shirt comes in a range of colors and looks great as an overshirt or on its own. Winter definitely calls for long sleeve tops underneath our shirts to keep us warm!

Commuter friendly

Don’t let the prospect of your commute stop you from wearing something both comfortable and stylish. Our range of winter coats look great layered over your outfit, whether you prefer a woolen texture and collar to compliment your formal vibe, or all utility with a hood and plenty of pockets.

A pair of good boots will get you from A to B without damp socks, and with Johnny Bigg’s special cushioning technology, your feet aren’t going to be sore if you don’t manage to snag a seat on the train. Check out more about that here! Our shoes come in sizes US 10 to 17 and are perfect for wider feet.

Finally, don’t forget your scarf and hat. Whether your town is hitting freezing temperatures, your bus is still cranking the AC, or you have a walk-through windy conditions, these accessories will get you to your desk feeling toasty (and more importantly, not already fed up with your day!). Not to worry, grab a scarf, beanie or hat, and some cozy socks with your work outfits.

We hope it’s a great 2023 ahead.