Work To Play

Work To Play

17th Jan 2022

5 ways to get party ready in just five minutes! 

1. Throw on a Blazer 

Adding one of our Linen Blend Blazers will instantly smarten up your look, if your work tends to keep it casual.

2. Embrace the Sweater 

If your party shirt is feeling a little too loud for your office, create a more subtle look by layering it with a simple sweater.

3. Call in the Corduroy

Cord is the must have texture this season so look no further than our Cape Cord Shirts in Rust and Mustard! Why not button up your shirt for work and pair it with a tee shirt when it’s time to move on to a party setting.

4. Darken the Denim

A dark denim wash is exactly what you need when taking your wardrobe from day to night. You’ll love the comfort stretch too of our Hunter Superflex Jeans available in a range of colors.

5. Step into Style

The right pair of shoes can instantly take your outfit from average to amazing. We've got you covered for every occasion with our range of BootsCasual Shoes, and Dress Shoes.